Friday, 6 April 2012

St. Luke's New Church Building

Lately it felt like a calling to shoot some photos of the church where my faith begun - St. Luke's Church. I cannot possibly put all the memories into words. They are uncountable, from baptism to confirmation and the list goes on. Indeed this church is so dear to my family because we are the descendants of those who laid down the foundation of it. It may not seem like a big deal just by capturing photographic evidence, but they sure speak a million words. Something we can share with the future generations. Apart from that, the church will always remind me of the late Rev. Fr. Bobby Norma, who was the first priest to be in charge of the new building project. The old church was gutted by fire when he was serving at the parish. It was such a sad and unforgettable day for the church goers. Nevertheless, it marked the beginning of spiritual revival that has shaken the sleepy town and passive believers. God has never forsaken us. He just has a better plan.

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