Monday, 31 December 2012

Anugerah Muzik Dayak AMD 2012

Have been contemplating for many days wondering what to write to wrap up 2012 journey. Eventually I came to the decision to blog about that one thing that never seemed to escape my mind – music.

Music is something really meaningful in my life and I cannot live without it. Music follows me everywhere I go, be it in my Apple gadgets or on the road. It has the ability to bring out some emotions and music surely makes us recall memories from the past.

Nevertheless, what I wish to highlight this time is a much more focused topic. Something that truly deserves our attention. I know some might find it unworthy to mention because “it hasn’t changed” or “it’s projecting the mentality of certain ethnic”. Yes, we do hear such clich├ęs here and then when it is regarding the local music industry. I am referring to the music produces by the local people of Sarawak. For instance, the Iban, Bidayuh or Orang Ulu.

However, the local music scene recently has seen some improvements. The catalysts of change can be the advantage of modern technologies, digital music and social medias. All these fused together make it possible for the newcomers in the local music industry to experiment on something at a different level and unheard of. Bands such as Hevance, Masterpiece, Ethnic Transmission and Taju Remaong bring in their own genre of modern rock music, which added new flavours to existing Iban rock songs. Their songs are composed in Iban Language, that is something to be proud of and it promotes the Land of Hornbills to people around the world in a way we all can easily relate to. Apart from that, Hevance is the sole nominee at VIMA that representing musicians from Sarawak. VIMA can be considered as an international recognition for indie musicians. It is Asia first independent music awards. For a local band to be nominated in two categories at this level is certainly we used to imagine impossible but not anymore. So, kudos to Hevance!

We often listened to local songs in the form of familiar genres such as dangdut, joget, ballad, rock or oldies. Nonetheless, in the year of 2012, we are blown away by the sweet and mellow voice of a young singer, Gabriel Fairuz Louis. The 27-year-old talented artist hailed from Durin composed his songs with his own distinctive taste. His music separates him from the rest because he dares to introduce something that has never been done in the local music history. His originality has kicked it up a notch for the local music industry. Thanks to his famous song entitled “Genggam Jariku”, which has fruitfully brought him to his fame. Many compared his music to the famous Malaysian artist, Anuar Zain. I would not say they are so much alike, it just that their genre of music is comparable only to certain extent. Perhaps it is due to them singing ballads. Gabriel is special in his own way that he should be deemed as an asset to the local music industry. His recent success in winning several awards as a newcomer at AMD (Dayak Music Award) 2012 proved that he was a force to reckon. I am acknowledged that he is currently working on his second album and new single. Hopefully we can listen to his new songs soon.

2012 is indeed a year that brings a wind of change to Sarawak music scene. I hope to see more by 2013. The more, the merrier!

 Anugerah Muzik Dayak 2012 at DeTAR UNIMAS

Gabriel Fairuz Louis 

Aldrich from Hevance 



Gabriel and Rannee Pat

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