Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pentas Gawai RaSaFM 2013

I recently attended Pentas Gawai 2013 organised by Radio Sri Aman FM (RaSaFM). I initially did not plan to be there, but since my 10 year-old cousin was a huge fan of Melissa Francis I had to accompany her to the event. Why on earth would I disappoint a child, who knows one day she might be a great singer herself! So, off we went despite me being physically exhausted after a long day at work and driving a long distance just to be home. My younger cousin is currently studying at a Chinese primary school. She ever emerged a champion in singing competition. Tell ya, she was singing Melissa Francis' song! It took a lot of guts for a kid to sing an Iban song at a school singing competition. Among the familiar faces who performed were Melissa Francis, Ricky El, Alon Lupeng, Rannee Pat, Leez Zwita and Melissa's younger brother, Rickee. I did purchase the Hairee and Angels' Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban CD at the venue. However, my cousin was frustrated that she could not own Melissa Francis' VCD. I understood she wanted the VCD or DVD badly because she needed it for her singing practice. In order to console her, I bought her Melissa's fans t-shirt. At the end of the event, my cousin tried to take photo with her favourite female artist but she could not as other fans had swarmed Melissa first. Of course I did pity her but I said that would not be her last time meeting her idol. So, we left the venue in drizzling rain hoping next time the innocent yet determined child will get her chance of having a photo of herself taken with her idol, then hang it on her bedroom wall and become her source of inspiration. 

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