Saturday, 15 June 2013

AJARR Showcase 2013

Since AJARR 6 is around the corner, CATSfm is showcasing its finalists all over Sarawak at roadshows. On the 15th of June 2013 five finalists came to perform at Sri Aman's Waterfront. Those who entertained while I was there were Rannee Pat, Aldrich Hevance, Taju Remaong, Pelima Mathew, Louis Benet, Winnie Albert and The Family Man. Although it was an extremely hot day, but my friends and I were not so much bothered because the artists were pretty entertaining. Of course the main reason we went to the event was to show supports towards our local acts. My friends and I not sure we could make it to AJARR 6 this year, so this would be the best opportunity to watch the finalists sing their hearts out. Among the finalists for AJARR 6 are Taju Remaong, Rannee Pat, Gabriel Fairuz Louis, Stevenson, Hailey, Hevance, Donny Lang, Urai, Lyssa, Louis Benet, Leena Renez and Pelima Mathew. I liked the fact that a few artists actually could interact with their audience quite well. That might not be such a big deal but we, the local music fans, certainly noticed! Not that we wanted to shade negative impression but we actually loved it. Interaction with the audience is important in any performance. That small gesture could simply buy you another vote, right? Undeniably being able to sing live still largely influence the decision making in the end. Apart from that, I got a free copy of The Family Man's CD at the event, how cool! 

For those who are interested to attend AJARR 6, tickets can be purchased at roadshows' booth as well as the official t-shirt. The final AJARR will be held on the 6th of July 2013 at Dewan Suarah Sibu at 7.30pm. However, I am unsure about tickets being sold at the entrance during the final. For more information regarding voting through SMS, fans and CATSfm listeners may search the details either at the radio station's or each finalist's Facebook page. So, why not cast votes for your favourite artist while you still can. Your votes determine their winning! Who am I voting for? That will be my little secret. Ha-ha. Lastly, I would like to thank Taju Remaong personally for the drink that quenched my thirst on a hot sunny day. You guys were amazing! For those who cannot make it to the event, you can tune in to CATSfm live cast on your radio or through their website. There is another way too, which is to download CATSfm application either on your Android or Apple device. Good luck to all finalists! 

 With Aldrich from Hevance

 Pelima Mathew

 Rannee Pat

 Winnie Albert

 CATSfm Radio DJs
 Taju Remaong

 The Family Man


  1. i adore those who are really appreciate their fans..just simply a friendly smile or a handshake (tak minta lbh)..passive or stuck up usually don't win my vote..seriously..hahaha..*u know i know la ophe* dang!!

    1. I get it Emily. Who doesn't like artist who knows how to appreciate and interact with their fans. Arrogant is the one that will never get our votes! Haha...