Sunday, 3 November 2013

Graduation Day

Graduation is definitely something we all would look forward to at one point of our life. It gives us a sense of accomplishment after spending at least 13 years of schooling from kindergarten to upper secondary school. Of course this is just the first step to another graduation at a higher level of education. 

As a class teacher to my princes and princesses in 5 Electric & Electronic 1, I had mixed feelings on this special occasion. I did feel proud and happy for them on Graduation Day although at the same time I also felt sad. Soon they will be leaving school once the SPM Examination is over. Time really flies. I have been their class teacher since early 2012 and this is the last batch of SPM students I teach at Kolej Vokasional Betong. There were countless bitter-sweet moments watching them growing up. Sometimes irritating, sometimes hilarious. It was not an easy task to take care 27 teenagers whose hormones were still raging! Throughout the entire two years, they never failed giving me headaches and heartaches. Always got themselves into troubles, especially with discipline teachers. Most of the time they were playing truant. I ever went searching for them beyond the school's compound - jungle and cyber cafes in town. People would usually tell you not to bother too much and just ignore the stubborn kids as they are not your own children. What if all teachers chose to be that way? I wonder what kind of leaders and citizens we will have to face in the future. No matter how fierce and angry a teacher is, he or she would never wish students the worst. Teachers scold you because they truly care. 

Despite all the difficulties in educating my 5EE1, I have the chance to see some of them blossomed into matured and better individuals. We might not see their full potential yet until they have become working adults. Experience said, it is too early to jump into conclusion. Sometimes naughty students could be more successful later in their adult lives and making millions. On the other hand, graduates only earn a few thousands. Regardless how much money they will make one day, I personally wish to see each and everyone of them becomes very successful person and a good citizen to this country. 

I would like to take this opportunity wishing all my students in 5 EE1, 5 Katering and 5 Kimpalan Fabrikasi Logam all the best in your SPM Examination. Hope to see lots of flying colours when the results are announced in 2014! 


  1. Congratulations to you and your students.

  2. Looks very grand... I love my boys as well, hope they get by SPM just fine.

  3. That's how the graduation goes in my school. I hope your boys will do their best in SPM too.