Thursday, 10 July 2014

Buah Dabai

Buah Dabai or the Dabai fruit is a seasonal thing. I have noticed that if there is Durian, there will be Dabai too. Dabai is very famous among Sarawakians. I wonder if it can only be grown in Sarawak but not anywhere else in Malaysia. My dad says if you want to eat fresh Dabai, you have got to look for those with shiny skin and no wrinkles. The way to prepare Dabai is just to soak it in warm water, never ever try to cook it. Another ancient method is by exposing it to the hot afternoon sun. Dabai is usually eaten with salt or soy sauce. Besides, there is a special kind of dish that has the Dabai in it. That is the Dabai Fried Rice. Have you tasted it? Yes, you should. Nevertheless, I have no idea what nutrition does a Dabai contain. Everyone loves to eat it because Dabai tastes so good. During its season, the fruit can be sold at RM3 per cup. In the city, it can be very expensive as it is not easy to get the fruit there. Dabai is definitely something you ought to try when you are in Sarawak. 


  1. Ooh! Macam sedap lah! I hope this will be available at Bario Food Fest so I can try some. (:

    1. You're going Ana? How I wish I can go too :-(