Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Tale Of A Christmas Sock

Where should I begin? This post is something to do with faith and transfer. I'm not trying to portray myself as a pious person neither do I want to deny I truly believe in Jesus Christ. I just want to share a miracle I experienced back in late 2013. I wanted to write this down to remind myself what I'm thankful for in year 2014.

I'm born into a Christian family but I don't really get to know God that much until the last decade of my life. Well, I've lived for three decades. The churches I attended during tertiary study and my university friends played a big role throughout my spiritual walk in discovering God.

I'm just a human and I tend to get worried a lot sometimes. People kept telling me to stop worrying because it showed we were lacked of faith in what God could do in our lives. So, before my first posting to a rural school, I prayed to God that if I had given my best during my first five years service He would help with transferring me back to my own hometown. Thinking about it right now, I don't even know why I make such a deal back then. I'm not even worthy of it. Let me be honest, I'd tried to apply for transfer prematurely (before the fifth year of my service). Yes, you can call it a cheat but there were too many things which weighed me down to the extent I felt like giving up on a lot of stuff. As time gone by, people changed, things changed and I changed too. Perhaps finding a greener pasture could be the solution to all my worries.

I applied for a transfer in September 2013 but when I found out it got rejected in November I didn't feel as bad as the first time. I told myself this time I just had to write an appeal letter to our HQ in Putrajaya. It was my first time to appeal and the result would only be known by early January 2014. As everybody went off for the year-end holiday, I stayed back because I was invigilating SPM examination. Normally I would be very impatient to leave, like ASAP once the school holiday began or right after the invigilation ended. I would drive like a mad woman, blasting my favourite music in the car and singing my heart out the entire journey down the country road back to my hometown. 

It wasn't the same during December 2013. I stayed a few more days at 'Bumpkins Town' after the invigilation (it sounded rad to me hence the nickname). I took my own sweet time to clean and tidy up my rented house. The funny thing was I already beginning to pack some stuff to be brought back to my parents' home. The feelings were so different from previous years. I felt as if this would be my last time living here alone. The sense of peacefulness, calmness and assurance suddenly came into my heart, persuading me to enjoy every bit of the last moment living far away from my family. Then, I decided to hang a Christmas sock in the living room before I left the cozy 'bachelorette's pad' for my 2013 Christmas holiday. The sock symbolised my hope for everything, especially my transfer. I said to God in my heart I hoped to come back seeing this sock filled with a precious gift from You! 

Just a week after going back to school, I went online to check on the appeal result. To my not-so-surprise I finally got my transfer! The One up in heaven for sure kept His words. God heard my prayers all these years and He was being faithful all the way. I could finally go back to my family after working for five years in Bumpkins Town. That was the time I realised simple prayers and faith were both so powerful. Like a pastor once said, no 'cable' or 'connection' was needed because we already have an Advocate in heaven to help us did the incredible things in our lives. 

Somehow this experience taught me God is faithful all the time despite us human having so much flaws. If we were to celebrate Thanksgiving in this country, this chapter in my life would be the one I'm truly grateful for in year 2014. Being transferred from a vocational school to an academic school was 99.9% an impossible thing to happen especially if you're single, unmarried and not well-connected to some big shots in education ministry. That was what those skeptical people once told me, but guess what, I'd proven that nothing is impossible with God. 


  1. Honestly, I'm surprised that it was this easy. I guess God has got other plans for you. Make sure that you earn your place at wherever you are now & be a good steward of God's grace.
    I have no made any deals with God but I did make a promise to submit to His will. So perhaps what I am going through now is part of His will. If so, may He use me as His will commands. A 7th year in the jungle or otherwise.

    1. For the time being, you continue to serve while waiting for God to answer your prayers. I'm sure one day you'll definitely get your transfer.