Saturday, 23 May 2015

Amis U

Not long ago I was presented with this gift (a VCD) by a friend who is a friend of Amis U. I have to admit I know not much about this Dayak artiste. Amis U is an Iban artiste to be specific. However, I ever came across his name a few times on social media. If I'm not mistaken he is actively involved in Dayak music industry as a singer-songwriter. I have tried to google some information regarding his singing career but to no avail. Perhaps he is a newcomer in the local music scene that explains the difficulty in researching his musical background. Besides, I have never met him so I do not have the chance to interview Amis U in person. 

I watched every single music video in this VCD and there was one song I thought to be distinguishable from the rest - Lengkaka Mih (Let Go). The music video can be searched on YouTube. It is a nice song. By local standard (as in Dayak music industry), this is a good album. There are still some rooms for improvement though. Well, we do not have to be too hard on newcomers. I mean I have seen how some local music fans being overly critical on our local artistes. We have to acknowledge it is relatively a small industry compared to the country's if not world's music industry. It will take some time for the local musicians to reach such high standard like we all hope for although it has gradually picked up the momentum about a decade ago. Your common sense should be able to tell you that Rome was not built in a day, so does Dayak music industry. So, give it some time to advance. 

I can understand the harsh criticism at times, it is because we have long exposed to world class music ever since our childhood. So, it is not uncommon we have similarly high expectation while listening to our local songs. I know some people would go to the extent of taking a jab at our Dayak artistes just because they often sing at longhouses, pubs or funfairs. Whether you like it or not, they are still making money regardless of the venue where they perform. If you care enough to do a bit more research, you will learn that even international artistes have to go through a humble beginning before they become famous world wide. For example, the legendary boyband - Backstreet Boys. They used to sing at shopping malls, restaurants and schools trying to build their fan base before getting a record deal. Hence, I urge local music listeners to adopt a more positive attitude towards Dayak music. Show some love, show some support. Apart from that, the musicians and artistes also need to work on their professionalism in order to stay relevant and competitive in the entertainment industry. Like Casey Neistat says, ignore praise, embrace criticism

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