Wednesday, 7 December 2016


This is my first ever blog entry about a motorbike. Right, as you can see above, that is the bike I have fallen head over heels for at least a year, the BMW G310R. It is the entry-level bike or shall I call it the learner bike. 

It was love at first sight, perhaps due to the colour - Blue. The next thing I did after the debut in 2015 was scouring the internet trying to learn more about the BMW G310R. The styling of the bike is based on the S1000R streetbike. As mentioned on BMW Motorrad website, this baby bike features a 313cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder motor producing 34 hp, 6-speed gearbox and can reach max speed of 160 kmph. It weighs 158.5kg and has claimed to be manageable for a new rider. The seat height is 785mm which allows the new riders to plant their feet confidently on the ground. The BMW G310R comes in three colours - Pearl White Metallic, Cosmic Black/Polar White and of course Strato Blue Metallic. It is expected to fall within the price range of RM20K to RM30K. 

Okay, I am not going into more details about the technical stuff about this BMW baby bike as it can be googled. The reason why I am so in love with this bike is not because of the brand but more of the look itself. I am not so crazy about the speed either. Although I have seen enough of new bikes online the entire year, I still come back to this one. It is hard to put it into words, I guess it just like a romanticised connection. No matter how many good-looking guys standing in front of you, you will just go back to the same person you are deeply in love with. There will be people trying to tell you that you could get a better bike with the same price, but I still cannot get over with the BMW G310R. 

I asked BMW Motorrad on Instagram about the launch date, it is anticipated either end of 2016 or early 2017. Some websites say by Spring 2017. Whatever the date is, I will keep waiting for the latest updates patiently. I know by now some of you are wondering if I want to be a lady biker or if I am going to get this bike. Well, I am not entirely sure myself (wink) but it is my dream bike at the moment. I have not been on a bike for a decade until recently when I took my brother's scooter for a spin in Kuching. Yes, I honestly love and miss riding. It just not the same as driving a car. Besides, I figure having a bike will make Milky Way chasing a lot more interesting in the future. I can just go anywhere to get a shot of the night sky and not having to bother about where to park. 

Photo Credit: BMW Motorrad

Monday, 17 October 2016

Milky Way

Took this picture on September and I bet this is going to be my last Milky Way photo for 2016. I'm glad I drove all the way to Arena Petanque just to capture this. I would say this is the best shot for this year too. I know I'm going to miss the Milky Way season, we'll be seeing it again perhaps by mid of 2017. We hardly ever have clear night sky this time due to cloudy weather throughout the second half of the year. Well, this hobby surely requires plenty of patience on my side. I have to admit, there are a lot of waiting and constantly checking on the sky whenever there is no rain. Sometimes it can be very frustrating especially when a full moon is illuminating the clear night sky while it could have been a great opportunity to take a shot of the Milky Way. So, it's good to remind ourselves just seize the moment whenever we're presented with it while struggling to fight the temptation of just laze around doing nothing at night. Trust me it's better than just staring down at the phone. Looking back at the experience, I feel it's really worthy of the sacrifice. At least in the future I have stories to tell the younger generation how this town is once an Astrophotography heaven for 'night owls'. I believe one day this quiet town will transform into a city and become affected by light pollution. Hence, while it's still visible to our naked eyes, why not choose to enjoy the wondrous sight from our own backyard and sipping a cup of warm Milo. It does help to take things off my mind and make me appreciate life even more. Everyone should give stargazing a try and feed your soul by engaging in meaningful pastime. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Unplugged Night Press Conference



Roy (Nading Rhapsody)
Gabriel Fairuz Louis

"Two Different Genres In One Night"

Date: 5th November 2016
Venue: Old Court House, Kuching, Sarawak
Ticket Fee: RM 45 (Tickets are limited to 100 pax only)

The first ever Iban artiste in the Iban music industry to do an unplugged performance / showcase
Special showcase of two completely different music genres
The unplugged performance will be accompanied by a local band, the 'Atas Pokok Band'
Tickets will be available for purchase by end of September on a first-come-first-serve basis
Grab your tickets at: Old Court House & Ensurai Ethnic Cafe (Jalan Song) 

Gabriel & Roy 

Friday, 22 July 2016

Pink or Purple?

This is the first Milky Way photo I've edited on Photoshop, for real. I've always opted to directly edit the photos on Instagram before posting. This photo looked pinkish on the phone but purplish on my laptop. Since it was pointless to figure out either it was pink or purple, I just went ahead posting the photo on Instagram in the middle of the night. Next day I realised it had gained many 'hearts', especially from the Astrophotography community. Majority of them were from other countries. Well, thanks to the hashtags. You know you gotta love the # on Instagram as it does help in promoting your photos and getting you many followers too. As long as you don't use it out of sync, your Instagram account will benefit from it. Hashtags are useful on both Instagram and Twitter, not so much on Facebook for me. So, hashtag isn't entirely ineffective, it depends on how and on which app you're using. However, I do believe in the end it all boils down to the quality of photo you've uploaded, and that will get you many likes. 

Sunday, 10 July 2016


Perhaps one day
In my old day
I'll write about us
Like those bright stars
Each has its stories
Alive in the memories
Hope you'll see
Of you and me

This is a short poem I had in mind while editing this photo. Written on 10.07.2016 at 12.10 a.m. I normally would just post some song lyrics as captions for my Milky Way photos. This time I decided to put my own thoughts into it. Every time I look up to the night sky, I'll do some reflections on my own life. The stars remind me we're not alone. Sometimes they remind me of our God too. Other times, it's about someone. To sum up it up, each star represents every person I've come across my entire life. Be it family, relatives, friends and even strangers. I guess the rest is based on your own interpretation. Go figure!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Best Milky Way Shot

If you wish to see world's most interesting Astrophotos, please head to Instagram. The Astrophotography community on Instagram is the best and always the one who gives me the most 'hearts' on all of my Milky Way photos. You'll get to see countless of such photos taken from around the globe and in ways that you can possibly imagine. They are all stunning! 

As the Milky Way looked most visible last night from my parents', so I decided to take a shot and unintentionally captured myself in the same photo. I was positioning and holding the camera so that it didn't shake while taking a long exposure shot. Voila! A selfie with the Milky Way above my head! 

I have never seen anyone did this shot yet. Most people would just stand in front of the camera, looked up to the sky and took the photos. So, let's see if this could become a trend on Instagram one day. Hey, I don't take much selfies so I consider this one a job well done! I'm happy for this rare photo honestly. I hope people don't think it is Photoshopped, it's real!