Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mum's Orchid

My mum loves flowers so much. She used to plant lots of different flowers as a pastime. During my childhood and teenage years our home had different species of flowers. Neighbours often visiting because they enjoyed looking at those beautiful flowers and talking endlessly about them with my mum. Sadly nowadays that is not the case, there are a few species left. I understand my mum is not getting any younger and with a grandchild to look after, she barely has the time to tend her plants. I took the above photos yesterday as the orchid was blossoming. I wanted to immortalise the orchid in a digital form because it may not bloom again. Besides, flowers always remind me of my mother's caring nature. Sometimes I wish I have my mum's passion to nurture the colourful gifts of our mother earth. I cannot imagine this world without flowers, our sights will be dull and people are not as poetic as they should to be!