Monday, 9 April 2012

Facebook (2012 Choral Speaking Script/Lyrics)

What’s on your mind?
What’s on your mind?
What’s on your mind?
What’s on your mind?

Facebook! Facebook! Facebook!
I am addicted to Facebook!
Welcome to Facebook:
The world’s latest addiction!

I go home and the first thing I do is Facebook!
I’m stuck in the rain, so I must get on Facebook!
Before I go to sleep, I check on my Facebook!
Will I ever stop using Facebook?

Write a status,
Write on a wall,
Post a picture,
Write a comment,
Like, ignore,
Confirm or unfriend?

From Monday to Sunday,
When I get out of bed,
I have to have a look,
At my Facebook!

Why does Facebook matter so much to you and me?

Facebook, for better or for worse,
Is like being at a big party,
With all of your family, friends,
colleagues and even strangers!

Of course, there are lots of fun.
There are interesting people, you are happy to talk to when they stroll up.
Then, there are these other people,
The ones who make you cringe when you see them pop up.

Ha-ha, sure,
Facebook can be a great tool for keeping up with folks important to you.

But, Facebook can become a painful daily reminder too!
It reminds us the kind of people we may find in Facebook.

For example?

The Let-Me-Tell-You-Everything-I-Do-and-Bore-You.
I just woke up.
I am having breakfast.
I am bored today.
Just because you have 1000 friends doesn’t mean we all want to know about everything that you do! Duh…

The Self-Promoter.
I just updated my blog.
I just baked a cake.
I just gave a puppy to my girlfriend.
You do sound like a bragger…

The Friend-Collector.
I have 500 friends.
I have 1000 friends.
I have 5000 friends.
5000 friends! That’s showing off! How many friends do you have in real life?

The Town Crier.
Michael Jackson is dead!
Whitney Houston is dead!
My cat is dead!
Hey, don’t you know that everyone and everything dies eventually?

Ladies and gentleman,
As you might expect, the list goes on and on.
The paparazzi,
The hyena,
The gamer,
The liker,
The hater,
The sympathizer,
The newscaster,
The rooster,
The Mister and Miss Popular,
The salesman,
The politician,
And the drama king and queen.

You have read me at my worst,
You have read me at my best,
You have loved me as your dearest,
Let happiness beats the rest.

You all probably mean well.
But, stop and think for a minute,
Freedom of speech surely has its limit.

Come on boys and girls, take it with a grain of salt!
Facebook is not all about negativity.
It can be full of positivity!

The easiness of communication is obvious.
You can make new friends,
You can support a charity event,
You can stay in touch with your family members,
You can play games and have fun,
You can share your favourite MTV,
You can join your school alumni,
You can create awareness,
And, the list is endless!

However, what’s important is be responsible while using Facebook.
Keep what’s private; private.

We all like to be connected,
We are not saying it is wrong.
Realize the importance of you,
And don’t be headstrong.

Oh, wait!
What do I see before me?
I just got 10 new notifications!
This choral is ending here,
So I can check on my

P/S: You may use this script as you wish but at your own risk.


  1. Can I have this Choral Speaking script for my District level school competition? I find this script very interesting. May I know who is the scriptwriter?

    1. I wrote this script. I only posted scripts I wrote on my own. You can use it if you want.

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  3. can i have this choral speaking script for my district level?

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  5. erm .. do you have the video ??? just asking ~ .. :)

    1. Very sorry, I don't have. Was so excited to watch them perform that I forgot to record their performance.

  6. Hi ophelia,well done!!!!!! U did a gud job,can i hav the script for my district level?

  7. Hi,,can i use the script for my district level competition?

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  9. Can I use this script for the district level competition?

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