Monday, 31 December 2012

Anugerah Muzik Dayak AMD 2012

Have been contemplating for many days wondering what to write to wrap up 2012 journey. Eventually I came to the decision to blog about that one thing that never seemed to escape my mind – music.

Music is something really meaningful in my life and I cannot live without it. Music follows me everywhere I go, be it in my Apple gadgets or on the road. It has the ability to bring out some emotions and music surely makes us recall memories from the past.

Nevertheless, what I wish to highlight this time is a much more focused topic. Something that truly deserves our attention. I know some might find it unworthy to mention because “it hasn’t changed” or “it’s projecting the mentality of certain ethnic”. Yes, we do hear such clich├ęs here and then when it is regarding the local music industry. I am referring to the music produces by the local people of Sarawak. For instance, the Iban, Bidayuh or Orang Ulu.

However, the local music scene recently has seen some improvements. The catalysts of change can be the advantage of modern technologies, digital music and social medias. All these fused together make it possible for the newcomers in the local music industry to experiment on something at a different level and unheard of. Bands such as Hevance, Masterpiece, Ethnic Transmission and Taju Remaong bring in their own genre of modern rock music, which added new flavours to existing Iban rock songs. Their songs are composed in Iban Language, that is something to be proud of and it promotes the Land of Hornbills to people around the world in a way we all can easily relate to. Apart from that, Hevance is the sole nominee at VIMA that representing musicians from Sarawak. VIMA can be considered as an international recognition for indie musicians. It is Asia first independent music awards. For a local band to be nominated in two categories at this level is certainly we used to imagine impossible but not anymore. So, kudos to Hevance!

We often listened to local songs in the form of familiar genres such as dangdut, joget, ballad, rock or oldies. Nonetheless, in the year of 2012, we are blown away by the sweet and mellow voice of a young singer, Gabriel Fairuz Louis. The 27-year-old talented artist hailed from Durin composed his songs with his own distinctive taste. His music separates him from the rest because he dares to introduce something that has never been done in the local music history. His originality has kicked it up a notch for the local music industry. Thanks to his famous song entitled “Genggam Jariku”, which has fruitfully brought him to his fame. Many compared his music to the famous Malaysian artist, Anuar Zain. I would not say they are so much alike, it just that their genre of music is comparable only to certain extent. Perhaps it is due to them singing ballads. Gabriel is special in his own way that he should be deemed as an asset to the local music industry. His recent success in winning several awards as a newcomer at AMD (Dayak Music Award) 2012 proved that he was a force to reckon. I am acknowledged that he is currently working on his second album and new single. Hopefully we can listen to his new songs soon.

2012 is indeed a year that brings a wind of change to Sarawak music scene. I hope to see more by 2013. The more, the merrier!

 Anugerah Muzik Dayak 2012 at DeTAR UNIMAS

Gabriel Fairuz Louis 

Aldrich from Hevance 



Gabriel and Rannee Pat

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Environment (2010 Choral Speaking Script/Lyrics)

This was the very first time we took part in Betong Divisional Choral Speaking Competition. So much memories because we were inexperienced. But if it was not for this one special day, today we would not be where we are now! 

A very good morning we bid to
The Honourable judges, ladies and gentleman
We, students of SMV Betong
For the first time, will entertain you with
Our tales of environmental issues

Hmm, sounds familiar, huh?
Like an old issue
But it’s an issue not to be taken for granted
See, touch, smell, taste and feel it around you
We all know what is going on

Sad, sad, sad, very sad,
What about the future generations?

Don’t you think it’s getting hot in here?
I do!
I do!
I do!
We all do!
But why?
It’s definitely the weather
Global warming for sure

How warm is the globe?
The temperature never ceased to rise for the past centuries
Yes, it has gotten everyone on earth talking about it
I worry about the climate change, the ice is melting worldwide
As the ice melts, the sea level rises too
It has become faster over the last century
Floods and droughts will become more common
Hurricanes and storms are likely to become stronger
It has something to do with the greenhouse effect
We should stop producing greenhouse gasses
Stop open burning
Use less air-conditioning
Car pooling
Walking and biking instead of driving
Less driving means fewer emissions
Checkout for mass transit system too
But we don’t have that here!
Oh yeah, you’re right! Too bad ...

Climate change sure sounds serious
Can’t imagine the world is over-heated or wholly covered by water!
Oh no!
It looks like we are coming to the end of the world!
Repent, repent!

(Sound effect: chainsaw and followed by a shout “Timber!”)

That is the sound of deforestation
When will it stop and rob us of our source of life?

How much per tree?
Kopi O la...
You not scared get caught meh?
Kopi O also ma... don’t worry la my friend
Karam Singh Walia won’t find us here one... (raising one hand)  “Harapkan pagar, pagar tidak boleh diharap.”

Illegal logging obviously has deep impact on every creature
Imagine this world without trees!
Surely we will suffer and won’t survive the heat!
Tropical deforestation is responsible for about 20 percent of world greenhouse gas emissions
Burning of forest plants releases large amounts of carbon dioxide
More carbon dioxide means more hot air trapped in the atmosphere
And it increases the temperature
Poor animals, where will they live?
Many species are becoming extinct
As their habitats are destroyed
It will be a great loss to the human race

That is why we need to have reserved forest
To protect the natural environment
I love the refreshing feel of the National Park
Once in awhile, we need to escape
From the hustle and bustle of the city
We should start thinking green
So that we have clean water flowing from the river
and more picnics to enjoy with our family

Yes, waste no paper
Love our forest
Dump  no rubbish into the water
Love our river
Take care of the wildlife
Love the animals
Yes, love our nature
Love ourselves
Reduce, reuse, recycle

We are proud to be Malaysian
Because our eco-tourism spots are among the best in the world
Sipadan, a haven for divers
Mulu Caves and Kinabalu, World Heritage sites
Terengganu, home to the leather back turtles
Sepilok, home to the orang utans
Sarawak, a place like no others, home to the hornbills

We the young generation will ensure that our flora and fauna
And our rich biodiversity must remain intact
We must protect it for our future generations
We will not sell our lands to human greed

Let us all work together
To protect our mother nature
Who else would do that for us if not ourselves
Join Earth Hour
Switch off your lights

Let us walk together
Hand in hand
We can make our earth a better place
One mission
One hope
One Malaysia
One world!

P/S: You may use this script as you wish but at your own risk.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Facebook (2012 Choral Speaking Script/Lyrics)

What’s on your mind?
What’s on your mind?
What’s on your mind?
What’s on your mind?

Facebook! Facebook! Facebook!
I am addicted to Facebook!
Welcome to Facebook:
The world’s latest addiction!

I go home and the first thing I do is Facebook!
I’m stuck in the rain, so I must get on Facebook!
Before I go to sleep, I check on my Facebook!
Will I ever stop using Facebook?

Write a status,
Write on a wall,
Post a picture,
Write a comment,
Like, ignore,
Confirm or unfriend?

From Monday to Sunday,
When I get out of bed,
I have to have a look,
At my Facebook!

Why does Facebook matter so much to you and me?

Facebook, for better or for worse,
Is like being at a big party,
With all of your family, friends,
colleagues and even strangers!

Of course, there are lots of fun.
There are interesting people, you are happy to talk to when they stroll up.
Then, there are these other people,
The ones who make you cringe when you see them pop up.

Ha-ha, sure,
Facebook can be a great tool for keeping up with folks important to you.

But, Facebook can become a painful daily reminder too!
It reminds us the kind of people we may find in Facebook.

For example?

The Let-Me-Tell-You-Everything-I-Do-and-Bore-You.
I just woke up.
I am having breakfast.
I am bored today.
Just because you have 1000 friends doesn’t mean we all want to know about everything that you do! Duh…

The Self-Promoter.
I just updated my blog.
I just baked a cake.
I just gave a puppy to my girlfriend.
You do sound like a bragger…

The Friend-Collector.
I have 500 friends.
I have 1000 friends.
I have 5000 friends.
5000 friends! That’s showing off! How many friends do you have in real life?

The Town Crier.
Michael Jackson is dead!
Whitney Houston is dead!
My cat is dead!
Hey, don’t you know that everyone and everything dies eventually?

Ladies and gentleman,
As you might expect, the list goes on and on.
The paparazzi,
The hyena,
The gamer,
The liker,
The hater,
The sympathizer,
The newscaster,
The rooster,
The Mister and Miss Popular,
The salesman,
The politician,
And the drama king and queen.

You have read me at my worst,
You have read me at my best,
You have loved me as your dearest,
Let happiness beats the rest.

You all probably mean well.
But, stop and think for a minute,
Freedom of speech surely has its limit.

Come on boys and girls, take it with a grain of salt!
Facebook is not all about negativity.
It can be full of positivity!

The easiness of communication is obvious.
You can make new friends,
You can support a charity event,
You can stay in touch with your family members,
You can play games and have fun,
You can share your favourite MTV,
You can join your school alumni,
You can create awareness,
And, the list is endless!

However, what’s important is be responsible while using Facebook.
Keep what’s private; private.

We all like to be connected,
We are not saying it is wrong.
Realize the importance of you,
And don’t be headstrong.

Oh, wait!
What do I see before me?
I just got 10 new notifications!
This choral is ending here,
So I can check on my

P/S: You may use this script as you wish but at your own risk.

Teachers (2011 Choral Speaking Script/Lyrics)

Um ba ba (x10)

Recess time is up! (x2)

Faster everyone! Cikgu Hanif is coming!

Whoever goes into the class later than me will get a ‘swing’!

Run! Run!

Boys and girls,
Can you remember all of your teachers?
Well, good teachers, funny teachers or special teachers?

We stand here, to talk about our teachers.
Guys, listen!

Are the burning candles that light our life,
The sunshine after the rain,
The wind beneath our wings.

They are our coaches,
Our fathers
Our mothers,
Our friends,
Our everything!

Hello, Joe, SPM result just came out.
My son gets 10 As!

Because of who?
Our teachers!

From kindergarten to primary school,
From secondary school to the college.
There is always someone behind these stages.
Our teachers!

A school without teachers is not a school.
And, we, without our teachers, are going to be fools!

No teachers, no knowledge,
No knowledge, no privilege,
No privilege, there’ll be outrage!

Ring, ring,
Hello, Mr Ng, wah.....
My son scored straight As,
Thank you, thank you!

Ring, ring,
Hello, Mr Ng,
My daughter, Siti, is so fragile.
Please always take care of her ya.....

Ring, ring,
Hello, Mr Ng, wah.....
Your cikgu ah, dare to give my son ‘kueh tiaw’!

Ring, ring, Mr Ng,
Ring, ring, Mr Ng,
Mr Ng, Mr Ng, Mr Ng, Mr Ng!

Ring, ring, Mr Ng,
Ring, ring, Mr Ng,
Mr Ng, Mr Ng, Mr Ng, Mr Ng!
[Mr Ng says]
I, will not give up.
I, will make this school the top.

Teachers, teachers, teachers.
They come in many styles, like this.....
[Individual actions]

Guys, who is that new teacher in that new car?
Who else, Cikgu Thomas!
The slim and tall teacher?
Cikgu Azmi!
The funny teacher?
Cikgu Huang!
The pretty teacher?
Cikgu Nik Mazira!
The handsome teacher? Ooh.....
Girls, a, a, a.....

Teacher says,
Teacher goes,
Teacher smiles,
Teacher knows.

No teachers, no careers,
No careers, no futures.

I want to be an engineer,
I want to be a doctor,
I want to be a lawyer,
I want to be a minister,
I want to be a billionaire,
And, I want to be a professional dancer.

A dream will remain a dream,
It will not be realized without our teachers.

No matter how much or how little teachers have done,
They always deserve our respects.

Are the ones who paint our minds,
And guide our thoughts,
Share our achievements,
And advise our faults.

For the dawn of each poet,
Each philosopher and king,
Begins with a teacher,
And the wisdom they bring.

Here is the link to the video on Youtube:

P/S: You may use this script as you wish but at your own risk. 

Friday, 6 April 2012

St. Luke's New Church Building

Lately it felt like a calling to shoot some photos of the church where my faith begun - St. Luke's Church. I cannot possibly put all the memories into words. They are uncountable, from baptism to confirmation and the list goes on. Indeed this church is so dear to my family because we are the descendants of those who laid down the foundation of it. It may not seem like a big deal just by capturing photographic evidence, but they sure speak a million words. Something we can share with the future generations. Apart from that, the church will always remind me of the late Rev. Fr. Bobby Norma, who was the first priest to be in charge of the new building project. The old church was gutted by fire when he was serving at the parish. It was such a sad and unforgettable day for the church goers. Nevertheless, it marked the beginning of spiritual revival that has shaken the sleepy town and passive believers. God has never forsaken us. He just has a better plan.