Thursday, 5 April 2012

VOKBET Choral Speaking 2012

SM Vokasional Betong
Choral Speaking Competition
Entitled: Facebook

Best Conductor 2012 Award
Wan Rudzfikal Ishmil
4 EE 2

I am truly proud of them! They truly deserved the victory after many sweats and tears. No pain, no gain. VOKBET Choral Speaking Team a.k.a. VOKBET VOICES 2012 was the Second Runner Up for the first time in Betong Divisonal Choral Speaking Competition history. In addition, we also won the Best Conductor 2012 award for the first time. This is our first time winning an academic competition in the school's history (if I'm not mistaken). The competition was held at SMK Kabong. We trained both day and night. There were many challenges and hiccups along the way, but now we know success does not come easily. This was the happiest moment for both teacher and students. We were really surprised to win something despite some shortcomings. One example was we were not provided breakfast as requested, so the kids and I went to the competition with empty stomachs! Nevertheless, all these were nothing compared to the experience of winning something, which we could only hope for a lifetime previously. Thanks to the school community and our beloved Principal in making it possible for us to achieve what people once thought IMPOSSIBLE! 

Here is our memories...

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