Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Rainforest World Music Festival 2013: The Excitement Begins


As you can see, I have done packing! I packed my equipments and clothing. I must say I am excited but at the same time feeling nervous. This will be my first time attending Rainforest World Music Festival and it will also be my first time blogging for the event. Basically everything will be my first time, ha-ha. First time blogging on behalf of Sarawak Bloggers, first time blogging with an official media pass, first time blogging for a world event and first time meeting other members from Sarawak Bloggers Society. So, there are many things running through my head right now. As taught by my belief, I should not worry about anything because God is already ahead of me in everything and in every area of my life! All I need is to sum up my courage to overcome the shyness and fear of mingling with people who come to celebrate world music in the midst of rainforest! I do want to enjoy the moment like everyone else too. 

Last weekend I had to drive all the way from Betong to Kuching (4 hours of driving) just to meet up other bloggers who were also part of the Sarawak Bloggers team. We did finally meet each other and frankly speaking I found them to be friendly and cheerful people. There were supposed to be seven of us, but only five came to the little gathering at Starbucks. They were Tia Brangking, Garner, Lyndi and Kheirul (hope to get your name right!). We talked about matters related to RWMF, preparation, task delegation and so on. So, I am expecting us to have a jolly great time at RWMF and hopefully to go home with many memorable moments. I personally would like to bring back invaluable knowledge and experience from RWMF, which I hope will benefit me in the future. 

Let me share a little bit information about the RWMF. It has been voted by Songlines, a renowned world music magazine for 4 consecutive years as the top 25 International Festivals. Besides, it has also recently been awarded the BrandLaureate Country Branding Award 2012-2013 for its effort in bringing the country to the international stage. The event is organised by Sarawak Tourism Board and is a 3-day celebration. Sarawak Cultural Village (Kampung Budaya) has always been the home of the festival. Music workshops are usually attended by music lovers during daytime and concerts are nightly. This year the event is held from the 28th-30th of June 2013. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance. Adults are charged RM120 while children RM60 for daily passes. If you wish to get the 3-day pass, then the price will be cheaper. RM330 for adults and RM160 for children age between three and 12. 

Here are some tips for an enjoyable experience at the RWMF 2013:

·      Be there early. There are usually long queues at the gate for tickets or access to the venue due to ticket verification and other security measures.
·      Please do not bring non-permitted items (knives, sharp items, outside food) as they will be confiscated.
·      No food & drink and animals are allowed to be brought inside the venue.
·      Food, beverage, CDs, souvenirs and crafts will be on sale at the event. Most items are sold on Cash Terms except where indicated.
·      There is only one ATM machine available opposite the festival entrance, so please prepare accordingly.
·      Limited car-parking facilities are available 2km from the festival venue, where you will be connected via shuttle bus. To avoid any inconvenience, you are encouraged to catch the shuttle buses from the city centre, which will operate at regular intervals during the event. The shuttle bus will drop right at the festival entrance.
·      You can bring your own lawn chairs or mats.
·      Bring along a desire to be at one with nature and a yearning to celebrate and unite with kindred spirits from around the globe.

Just in case you are afraid of getting lost at SCV, here is the treasure map that will guide you to your treasure chest in the rainforest! Good luck and let's party!!