Saturday, 12 March 2016


Okay, this is my first blog of the year. I used to write once a month in 2015, but that is not the case for 2016. It was a goal back then. I have decided to do it at a slower pace this year due to work and my own health. As you know I had a major surgery four months ago, so I need to learn to prioritise and minimise my movement. 

Despite having physical limitation, I always try not to think too much about it. I will tell myself to give the best in whatever I do. In 2015, I was assigned to coach students for divisional inter-school athletics games. This year instead of being a coach, I was given the task to be a judge. Not everyone would enjoy this job as we would have to carry out our duties in unpredictable weather. It was sunny most of the days. Suffering sunburn was a sure thing. 

This year we had to stay at a remote residential area where there was no mobile network coverage. Batang Ai Dam to be exact. I was literally disconnected from the rest of the world, from sunset to sunrise. No internet, no television to watch. Every night my colleagues and I would gather at a place sharing food, chit-chatting and making jokes just to kill time. 

The experience itself taught us to really enjoy each other's company instead of staring at the phones or 'phubbing'. I guess not being glued to the smartphone once in awhile has its own benefits. I slept early and I paid more attention when people were talking. Those silly jokes, laughters and long conversations were truly unforgettable. Besides, living at remote area also means there is not much light pollution. So, I took the opportunity to do stars time lapse and astrophotography. If I have to do this again in the future, I bet I will not have much hesitation as I did before. 

The Orion's Belt Time Lapse