Monday, 17 October 2016

Milky Way

Took this picture on September and I bet this is going to be my last Milky Way photo for 2016. I'm glad I drove all the way to Arena Petanque just to capture this. I would say this is the best shot for this year too. I know I'm going to miss the Milky Way season, we'll be seeing it again perhaps by mid of 2017. We hardly ever have clear night sky this time due to cloudy weather throughout the second half of the year. Well, this hobby surely requires plenty of patience on my side. I have to admit, there are a lot of waiting and constantly checking on the sky whenever there is no rain. Sometimes it can be very frustrating especially when a full moon is illuminating the clear night sky while it could have been a great opportunity to take a shot of the Milky Way. So, it's good to remind ourselves just seize the moment whenever we're presented with it while struggling to fight the temptation of just laze around doing nothing at night. Trust me it's better than just staring down at the phone. Looking back at the experience, I feel it's really worthy of the sacrifice. At least in the future I have stories to tell the younger generation how this town is once an Astrophotography heaven for 'night owls'. I believe one day this quiet town will transform into a city and become affected by light pollution. Hence, while it's still visible to our naked eyes, why not choose to enjoy the wondrous sight from our own backyard and sipping a cup of warm Milo. It does help to take things off my mind and make me appreciate life even more. Everyone should give stargazing a try and feed your soul by engaging in meaningful pastime.