Saturday, 23 February 2013

Road Trip 2013

My friends and I (ex-coursemates of TESL Cohort 1) went on a road trip all the way from Kuching to Miri during the Chinese New Year holiday just to attend a friend's wedding reception. Mariana and Alex's big day to be precise. It was our first road trip together since graduation. The whole trip may sound like nothing special to most but it was a big deal for us. We did it in the name of FRIENDSHIP. We lost a friend last year and that alone was enough to teach us a lifetime lesson not to take things for granted. So, we packed up and embarked on the most challenging and exciting adventure without much fuss and hesitation. Actually none of us in the car really knew the exact direction to Miri! Our only guide was the signboards along the way, no GPS. 

Our first stop, Sibu. Visiting Tham's open-house after fetching Braksonly. 'Tapau' oranges, 100 plus and also received Ang Pao!

Yes, as usual, we camwhoring!

And here come the bride!

In traditional costumes. 

 My favourite dish at the wedding reception, especially the buns! 

BFFs. Done feasting. 

After we came back from Miri, I went to another wedding reception at Kuching. It was the wedding of my childhood friend, Jong Sze Hui or now known as Jennifer Jong Adams. She currently lives happily ever after at UK with her sweet heart, Neil Adams. We have not met each other for ages, so this was a perfect opportunity for a reunion with her and other ex-schoolmates. She sang beautifully that night! And she surely looked stunning too. 

This is us. Karen, Neil, Jenn and me. Karen, Jenn and I were primary school classmates. I am grateful that I get to meet the girls and I really miss the childhood time I spent with them. Friends forever! 

These photos are sufficient to describe the amazing one week holiday I spent with awesome and fabulous people in my life. I am thankful to God for giving me the chance to meet up friends who are truly meaningful and loving. Besides, I feel honoured to have these great friends who would travel any distance just to be there for one another. Hence, I hope our friendships will last forever wherever we may be. You will never know what you have until you lost it.