Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Volunteer Cook in Lesvos, Greece

One morning when I was driving to school, I listened to two TraxxFM DJs talking about a young and kind Malaysian who went all the way to Greece to help the Syrian refugees. I immediately knew they were referring to Rayyan Haries. He is no stranger to me as I have met him while we were covering the Rainforest World Music Festival back in 2013. I managed to record part of the conversation on the radio and decided I should let him listen to it. He deserves to know that many people from around the world truly appreciate what he has done for those who are seeking opportunities to start again after they have fled their war-torn country. 

Rayyan Haries is currently running The Volunteer Cook soup kitchen at Skala Skamnias where thousands of Syrian refugees arrive in their rubber boats wet, exhausted and hungry. He and his team will serve hot soup and tea all day long besides making sandwiches, biscuits, croissants, milk and juices for the war refugees. To Rayyan and The Volunteer Cook project, food carries an important message which is to give people hope as they continue their journey to wherever they are going. As we are well-informed by now, everyday there are thousands of Syrian refugees willingly risk their own lives crossing the Mediterranean sea from Turkey to Greece on rubber boats just to escape war atrocities. I believe we will never forget when the whole world started to pay attention to these refugees after the photo of lifeless Alan Kurdi lying on the beach went viral on social media, subsequently prompting international response. 

Rayyan's soup kitchen is able to feed thousands of people everyday as it is funded by many generous donors from all over the world. Therefore it is important to donate directly to The Volunteer Cook cause which will allow Rayyan and his team to buy food supplies from the locals. If you do want to support The Volunteer Cook, you can send gifts (money) as family and friends on Paypal to . To my fellow Malaysians, you can always transfer fund to CIMB Bank Malaysia, the account number is 7008398899. Remember to email Rayyan Haries at for those are sending gifts through CIMB account so that he can keep track of your donations. For further enquiry, please email Rayyan at . To get updates on The Volunteer Cook cause, you may want to follow his page at: 

So, keep the funds coming and put some smiles on the faces of those who desperately need them. To dearest Rayyan Haries, keep doing the great work for humanity sake, keep inspiring the world with your food and smile. Ignore the negativity and remember you are already making headlines around the globe. This world needs more people like you to make it a better place.