Saturday, 10 August 2013

Gracias Sarawak Bloggers Society

THANK YOU Sarawak Bloggers Society for making my blog as August 2013 Featured Blog at Never thought I would make the cut as I knew there were many great bloggers around. This is truly an honour. I bet the people in the society's committee have their own good reason to feature my blog. 

Most people would not know I have been blogging for some years, since my enrolment into university. That is like almost a decade, which is contrary to popular belief that I am a newcomer. No, I am not. I started about the same time as Cyril Dason, the Chairman of Sarawak Bloggers Society. The blog you are reading now is my second domain, which existed since early 2012. I had deactivated the old one to start afresh. Human do evolve through time, so do I. I initially thought to dedicate this blog to photography but somehow things around me changed. My current blog is like a fusion of writing and photography. That is how I end up calling it a photoblog. Most of the photos I taken them myself. 

I am glad I made the decision to join Sarawak Bloggers Society. It is an enriching experience and I get to make lots of new friends. This is a humbling experience too as I learn a lot from people I meet along my journey as a blogger. This is the society which really makes me feel like I belonged to it. Something I can easily relate to in both heart and mind. My hope is we continue to make this society a respectable one and to let others know blogging is also a way of giving back to the community. We are the impact of this generation!