Saturday, 28 September 2013

Blurred Lines

Years of observation has brought me to this. I have never written anything deep and personal. Perhaps it is about time I get it out of my chest. Some called it two cents, I am not sure what is mine. 

Seem cool and care less are probably what others always thought of me. Deep down I could care more than anyone can imagine. No one would know how long it will take for me to forget a subject that concerns me deeply. This thing has been going on for years. Experience and daily reflections on the matter have been the greatest teachers so far. 

Social networks and relationships these days can never go unparalleled. People connect with each other through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They were created supposedly for good reason. Nevertheless, some took it too far that these social networks pose so much threats, especially on relationships. Be it friendship, family relationship or marriage. A study conducted by both University of Michigan and University in Belgium has shown that the more someone uses Facebook, the less satisfied he is with life. Both Dr. Kross and Dr.Verduyn have concluded that Facebook undermines well-being rather than enhancing it. Source Research also shows the most common emotion aroused on Facebook is apparently ENVY. In other word, jealousy. Tell me if you never felt that way while you were on Facebook! This explains why we all have our own haters, which sometimes can be interpreted as blessings in disguise. It means they do not have what you have, therefore be grateful with your life.

How often do you see some friends, relatives, husbands and wives are not talking to each other because of these social networks? Instead of solving our differences in real life, we rather vent it on status or post up some sarcastic quotes. Growing older made me seeing things from different angles. I realised not everything has to go public. Besides, most people are glad that you have problems. People are most comfortable when you are either their equal or have less than them. So, think a million times before you want to share your problems on social networks. 

I guess nowadays age does not define maturity much, what people post on their social networks reflected that. This is why I used the function "Show in news feed" a lot. If we do not like what we read, unfollow or unsubscribe. Trying to correct or barking back will not solve anything other than make things worse, the choice is yours. 

It has been a very sad experience lately seeing some friends are not talking to each other anymore. All I see are people keep blaming one another and widening the gap between them further till no longer possible to bridge it. Their personal desires beat the rest, keeping the friendship is no longer their priority. I certainly dislike the division they caused in the niche. Though the online fracas does not necessarily involve me, but at times I do feel the rippling effect. What I detest most is people who do not know the real story are those who try to offer advice and simply comment to show support bluntly. Rather than finding out the truth, they take the easy way out by making assumption. Needless to mention those with the "holier-than-thou" attitude, they can be the most ruthless social network Nazis you will ever meet in the cyber world. 

My only hope right now is that people can utilise the social networks wisely. I mean which is  more important, winning the verbal battle or keeping the friendship? It breaks my heart that we all cannot hang out in real life like we used to just because some friends who failed to resolve their personal issues but chose to Facebook it. Do their negative vibes need to affect us as well? Why do we let social networks determine our lives and make us slaves to pop culture? 


  1. I've never read that article until now! That's an interesting research finding, and I'm inclined to agree!

    1. I wish many people know about this article like how Facebook is effecting their lives. I'm seeing some people are abusing it for their own selfish reason. But what worse, people don't talk to each other anymore because of Facebook.

    2. I'll admit I'm guilty of being those few who no longer speaks to friends because of facebook. Regardless of who to blame, I hated the fact that social networks became the measuring point of friendship - having said bluntly to my face "I removed you from my facebook list, get my point?". I only wish the memories and friendship fostered over those years can be removed with a click.

    3. Sad right Khairool, we let a social network controls our lives. Friendship has less value than maintaining ego on those social networks.

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