Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Rainforest World Music Festival 2014 (Day 2)

The second day workshops began at the same hour as the day before. The Foot Stomp workshop at Dewan Lagenda was an interactive demonstration and lesson on Clogging by Gordie Mackeeman with music by musicians of Gordie Mackeeman & His Rhythm Boys. Hailing from the Prince Edward Island, the award-winning Gordie Mackeeman & His Rhythm Boys serve up old-time roots music with an energy level that practically yanks you out of your seat by the collar. The Rhythm Boys were given the Galaxie Supernova Award at the 2012 Ottawa Folk Festival for outstanding live performance. 

The next workshop was all about percussion instruments called Beat Boxes. The loud drum beats attracted many visitors that there was barely enough space at the hall to allow everyone to watch the whole performance. Drums used throughout the performance were Djembe, Congas, Cajon, Chinese Drum, Bedok, Ketubong, Dumbak, Msondo, Mkwasa, Marwas, Taiko, Chenda, Maram, Thundi and Otta. 

The last workshop was an interactive dance workshop which also known as Ruka Na Jagwa by Jagwa Music. It was instructed by Deborah Dickson Chambo, Mzee Rashidi Mbaraka and Kazimoto Jackson Aluta. Jagwa Music is from Tanzania and they are the leading exponent of the Mchiriku style, which originated twenty years ago in the poor suburbs of Dar es Salaam, when cheap Casio keyboards became available and drew the attention of bands who were playing Chakacha dance music. 

The day-time workshops on Day 2 came to an end at 4.45pm, visitors then gathered in front of the Jungle Stage for another evening with the RWMF Community Drum Circle. 

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