Saturday, 9 August 2014

RWMF West Side Story 2.0

Sarawak Bloggers from left to right: Ana, Garner, me, Arizad, Veyronica, Lindy and Khairul. Not in photo: Aliey and Alyssa.

Yeah, I wrote a "West Side Story" last year. This year I decided to do the same again. It is all about my personal journey as a blogger at Rainforest World Music Festival 2014. Going back to one of the top 25 music festivals in the world would definitely make someone so stoked that you could not focus on other things days before the festival kicked off. Like everybody else, I was at RWMF all for fun and for the love of blogging. Apart from that it was a way for us to give back to our own community and Sarawak tourism particularly. Just for your information, Sarawak Bloggers did not get paid for covering the event. We were rewarded with goodie bags, free food, free beer and access to media centre's facilities. However, with great power came great responsibility. We may not need to pay for the three-days passes, but we had to write at least three articles and submit them to Sarawak Tourism Board for promotional purpose. So, it was not all play. We each had an assignment. I would not deny it was tiring but enjoyable at the same time. 

Here is a recap of RWMF 2014 I uploaded on Youtube. I had to edit the music due to a copyright issue as I was using a song by Coldplay. Then, I decided to change the music and obtained the permission from someone I followed on Vine. I am grateful Phatso Music allowed me to use all of their songs for my Youtube video.  

Passes for RWMF 2014. Made of paper. Could easily tear if you're not being careful.

I personally think the 2013 wristbands were nicer. We could wear them for three days as they were durable.

As usual you would need the media pass to go everywhere for 3 days.

Stuff inside the goodie bag. Love the official tee by Rip Curl.

I don't drink coffee, tea yes!

6 glasses of Heineken but I used none of these free tix. I gave them away! Not that I don't drink, the surrounding was too hot.

Very limited pass. One would need this for some nice photos during night concerts.

This was the most useful printed material for me during the festival. It was foldable and lots of useful information in just one piece of paper.

At the RWMF Community Drum Circle. It was a big hit among the festival-goers. 

My yearly ritual at RWMF, getting airbrush tattoo on my left arm.

Yeah, I was asked to sign it after getting tattooed.

My partners in crime. They were getting one too. 

This is where you can quench your thirst and feed your hungry tummy during the festival. Damai Central food court.

And here is our shot with Sentia and her colleague, Cyril. Tia was one of the bloggers for RWMF 2013. We miss her this year. This photo is taken by Cyril's son. 

Panoramic view in the evening at Sarawak Cultural Village.

Photo taken using Alyssa's smartphone.

A family photo before we had dinner.

Like the previous year, we had to hang out at Dewan Lagenda during dinner just to charge our phones and cameras for the night concerts. We took turn to look after each other's belongings. 

One of the sweetest memories at RWMF 2014. My friends and I had our mini reunion during the night concert. This meant a lot to me honestly. I had not met Sukri since university graduation, that was like almost a decade, wow! As for Josclyn and Mariana, met them at Mariana's wedding last year. Thanks for coming guys although it was a short reunion.

They came all the way from West Malaysia and also Miri. Terbaik lah!

Our biggest mystery solved! We finally got to meet the Sarawak Tourism Board "Michael" who has been stalking Sarawak Bloggers on their Instagram accounts, haha. He was playing the hide-and-seek game all day long before he decided to meet us in the midst of dancing crowd at night concert. If you want to 'stalk' this fella, do follow him on his Instagram @sarawaktravel . Thanks Michael for the brief meet up, now we know how you look like in real life. You're awesome!

Last but not least, I met the winner of 2013 CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor on the third day right after the first workshop. Nicholas Mak was a friendly and gorgeous lad! ;-) 

Throwback Thursday photo on my Instagram @opheliajohn . 

Adventure is worthwhile.

- Aristotle - 


  1. Hi Ophelia,
    I've never signed up for this event because I dislike crowd. But I admit that this is a wonderful event to attend. Well done to you guys.

    P/s: I wish I can get a tatoo n take photo with the cleo model. Hahaha!

    1. Adoi, you got me laughing here, hahaha! The tattoo and the model is enough to motivate you join us next time Will.

  2. Well done!
    LOve the video so much and the song really suits it.
    Love the photos too....

    1. Thanks Kak Tia, hidung kembang kempis dah... hahaha...