Wednesday, 14 January 2015

TOMS Original Canvas Classic

I may not be the most stylish person to walk down the street, but that doesn't mean I'm not into fashion. I have a hidden obsession like everybody else too, I really love shoes ever since my childhood. I love to observe what people wear on their feet. I don't have that many shoes like most ladies as I'm very choosy, especially regarding comfort and style. Having torn meniscus in the right knee and torn ACL in the left one definitely will influence the way I pick my shoes. Comfort, design, quality and price always come into mind before I make any decision to purchase a pair of shoes. Flat shoes is always the best option.

I've been following TOMS Instagram since I knew about its existence. Each time we buy a pair of TOMS, we are actually giving another pair to a child in need. The idea came about when an American traveller Blake Mycoskie became friends with children who had no shoes to wear in an Argentinian village. That was how he started the company TOMS, to help these children to protect their precious little feet. It's good to know that we can give back to the world by getting a pair of TOMS. So, for my first pair I bought the Original Canvas Classic Navy as I love simplicity and blue colour. The shoes come with stickers and shoe bag. TOMS has just opened its first store in Malaysia back in 2014. I hope it will reach our shore soon! 

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