Sunday, 21 June 2015

Nading Rhapsody's First Single Launched - UMBAS

It felt like only yesterday when we watched Nading Rhapsody performed on Rainforest World Music Festival stage. One of the songs they sang last year was finally launched this year on the 13th of June, 2015. It was the song that got everyone dancing at RWMF 2014 - UMBAS

Umbas in Iban Language means enough. The song itself is the indie band's way of channeling their frustration towards both local and international issues. Apart from that, it also carries the message of motivation and inspiration despite the negativities that plagued the world these days. Umbas is only their first 'baby' and we should expect lots more songs to be recorded in the studio by Nading Rhapsody in the near future. When asked if there was any difference between recording in a studio to performing on a live stage, they said it involved more complex processes in order for all the instruments to be heard on one track. The recording experience did not come as easy as all of the band members have day jobs. Finding a convenient time for everyone to come together to lay down a track was already a challenge but it did not deter them from wanting to produce their first single. 

Nading Rhapsody does us proud too when this year the band is invited to perform at an international stage, the Tong-Tong Fair or also known as Tong-Tong Festival. However, the band decided to postpone their show at the festival until next year due to financial constraint. Their dream to perform at the world's largest Eurasian fair is about to come true, thanks to the Malaysian Performing Arts Agency (MyPAA) who is willing to fund their trip after being chosen as one of the 16 receivers of the Royal Arts Gala Fund. They will not only represent Sarawak on an international stage at The Hague (Netherlands), but also Malaysia in general. 

The launching ceremony also featured some local talents such as Letticia Kila Thomas who just won the Miss Talent World Harvest Festival 2015, Diana Ant Blikau, Lydia Desmond and Arry Sullivan. For those who are interested to purchase their first single CD, it can be done through their official Facebook page ( ). For further enquiries, kindly contact Opah at 019-8399188. 

Press Conference

Album cover

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