Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Night Sky Time Lapse and Moon

Once again I took the opportunity during a clear night sky to learn more about astrophotography. This time it was like killing two birds with one stone despite having to worry about the lights pollution effects on the photo. While I was attempting to do the night sky time lapse, I was also teaching myself to capture photos of a full moon. I did both simultaneously using two different cameras. The 16 seconds time lapse video which was captured on my Canon Powershot G7X actually took me an hour to shoot. If I knew about this, I would have left the camera in front of the house longer till the battery ran out. While waiting for the time lapse to complete the shooting, I also learned to capture a full moon with my old buddy, the Canon EOS 550D. The settings were 1/320, f10, ISO 200. The photo above was shot on manual mode and I had no sophisticated telescope to help with the zooming. There was no magic trick, just sheer determination and interest to explore new things in photography. As long as you have a DSLR camera and a tripod, you are good to go. I think my next 'learning module' will be the star trail. I have always mesmerised by the sight of a starry night sky ever since my childhood. The enthusiasm is still there although I have grown into an adult. Perhaps the astrophotography skill I acquired now is the manifestation of that childhood's fascination. Last but not least, I hope you guys don't mind to have a look at my night sky time lapse video down below, thanks!

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