Thursday, 18 September 2014

AFGAN L1VE To LOVE Showcase in Kuching

Afgansyah Reza, a 25 year-old famous Indonesia soloist or better known as Afgan has recently been to Kuching to promote his latest album 'L1VE TO LOVE, LOVE TO L1VE' and a single Katakan Tidak as well as meeting his fans at the Hills Shopping Mall on the 14th of September. The showcase was presented by ERA fm Kuching 96.1fm (ASTRO Radio Sarawak). Three members from Sarawak Bloggers Society were given the opportunity to cover not only the showcase, but also the press conference and Meet & Greet session with Afganisme or Afgan's fans. This event was supported by Leema Drink the Music, Hills Shopping Mall, SRC, Station One Cafe and Orang Kampong. 

I have been his fan since I first listened to the song Bukan Cinta Biasa. Afgan is widely known as an Indonesian pop singer and actor. He has won various awards for his work in music, among them are MTV Indonesia Awards and Anugerah Planet Muzik. He is recently shortlisted as final nominee of MTV EMA 2014 for Best Southeast Asia Act. Afgan was born into a musical family of Minangkabau origin and he is the second of four children. Fate took a turn when he and a few friends were making their own karaoke songs at an instant recording-studio-turned-record-label. The studio personal noticed his talent and they offered him a deal a few months later. That is how his singing career began and the rest is history. 

Afgan is currently famous for his song Jodoh Pasti Bertemu. His third album which entitled 'L1VE TO LOVE, LOVE TO L1VE' was released on 14 February 2013 by Trinity Optima Production. His first single from this album is Pesan Cinta which was released back in 2012. The album contains ten tracks which can be generalised as having romantic feel to them. Afgan usually would sing songs that cover genres of pop, jazz, soul and R&B. However, in the latest album he explored further into other genres. It took a long time to complete and release his third album as he was busy pursuing his tertiary education at Malaysia, Monash University Malaysia Campus to be exact. In a nutshell, the journey of the latest album revolves around his life and which also derives from the experience of being in a relationship. Just like other artists, Afgan preferred to tell his own stories through his artwork. For those who wish to listen to his songs, the CD will only cost you RM19.90. You will not regret buying it as all ten songs are superb. I have personally bought the songs via iTunes back in 2013. 

At the press conference, Afgan confessed he was still S-I-N-G-L-E. It was no denying that this young man has become a lot more good looking as he noticeably shed some weight. It made his dimples even more obvious than when he used to have slightly chubby cheeks. Besides the interview session, the press had the chance to take photos with him and get their CDs signed personally by Afgan. The real excitement only began the next day on 14 September when he was set to meet and greet his fans at Station One Cafe. These lucky fans also had the privilege to watch him performed up close from the Rockzone besides getting their posters and CDs signed by their favourite Indonesian singer.  

The showcase was the highlight of Afgan's promotional tour. It was estimated 4000 fans came to watch him perform live at the Hills Shopping Mall. His appearance on stage sent the fans shrieking in frenzy, even Afgan thought his Afganisme in Kuching were 'crazy'. He repeatedly using the same word to describe his fans' craze not only during the performance, but on his social media too - Instagram ( That was enough to send our beloved Afgan a message that he indeed has rock solid fan base here in Sarawak. Afgan did mention he would love to come back and hopefully next time it will be for a concert, even bigger concert he said. Yes, let's hope he will! Fingers crossed. Bisa diatur ya Afgan. 

The Afganisme were absolutely fanatic to the extent they would follow him everywhere he went from the moment of his arrival in Kuching. Fans followed him from the airport to the hotel where he stayed just to catch a glimpse of Afgan in real life and take a selfie with the handsome lad who owned a sweet mellow voice. So, Afgan, if you want to see more of Afganisme madness here, do come back to Kuching and I am sure your die hard fans will welcome your return with open arms. Probably with a lot more surprises! Last but not least, I would like to thank ERA fm Kuching ( for the invitation and a lifetime opportunity to meet my favourite singer from Indonesia. I also would like to extend my gratitude to Sarawak Bloggers Society for this opportunity to cover the showcase. To watch the whole event, click play on my Youtube video down below ( 

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