Monday, 29 September 2014

Q&A with WWE Superstar – Seth Rollins

WWE Live is finally back in Malaysia after 12 long years, what can fans expect from the show?
They can expect the absolute best in sports entertainment and WWE brings a product unlike any other in the world.

As this is your first visit to Malaysia, are you excited about it? What are your looking forward to the most?
I’m stoked about it. Never been to Malaysia and I look forward to experiencing the culture. I really enjoy trying local food whenever I’m outside the US.

You will be going head-to-head with former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, at the live show here in Malaysia, how are you preparing for that?
John Cena is widely recognized as the top star in the company and preparing for him is like preparing to fight a lion; he’s strong, fast and clever. But I have all the confidence in the world that I am on the same level as Cena and the WWE Universe in Malaysia will soon experience that in person.

How did you rivalry with Cena begin?
Well it all started a few days at Night of Champions when I interfered in Cena’s championship match with Brock Lesnar. I saw an opportunity with the champion (Lesnar) down and I tried to cash in my briefcase for a shot at the title. John Cena took is personally that I interfered in the match and now we have a problem.

Your fans from Malaysia can’t wait to see you in action this October; do you have any special message for them?
Don’t sell out, buy in…

What inspired you to be a WWE Superstar?
I guess my main inspiration has to do with the way it felt when I was a kid and saw a WWE live event. It was so exciting and I never experienced something like that before and I wanted to be in that ring and give that same feeling back.

How did your family and friends react to your decision of being a professional wrestler?
Most of them thought I was crazy. My family was very cautious about it and thought it was something I would try for a little bit but then get back to the real world. My friends were very supportive as we all loved WWE, but I was the only one with the drive. But whether family or friends didn’t agree with my career path, everyone was very supportive of me.

Who were your favourite wrestlers growing up, how did they influence you to be a WWE Superstar?
Some of my favorites were Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam.

Hogan was the pinnacle of entertainment when I was young. He was the closest thing to a real life superhero. The other guys made me think that I could be a wrestler; they weren’t the biggest guys but they had charisma, they moved well around in the ring and were great technical wrestlers.

What was your ‘plan B’ if you were not a professional wrestler?
What “Plan B”….there was never a “Plan B” in my mind.

Your WWE debut came at Survivor Series 2012 alongside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, talk us through that experience.
It was very nerve racking but also a major relief to finally make our big debut and have an immediate impact. This was the opportunity I was waiting for after years of training.

Why did you ‘turn your back’ on The Shield to join The Authority? What was going through your mind moments before you attacked Reigns and Ambrose?
I knew that I wanted to be “the” top guy in WWE, not “one of the” top guys. I didn’t want to share the spotlight with Reigns & Ambrose either. The Shield was a great starting point but I was the only one with the guts to branch out. It’s time to sink or swim and see who really has it as a singles competitor.

There has been a lot of negative feedback from the fans since you left The Shield, how do you deal with that?
You just let that stuff go in one ear and out the other. That’s my motivation to get better, move forward and prove that I’m a top guy in the WWE.

What is your routine before a match?
No specific routine. I just try to get as loose and as warmed up as possible.

What is your favourite type of match and why?
I like the chaos of a TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs) match. Anything can happen and there’s a lot of creatively goes into a match like that.

Your signature move is the Curb Stomp, what is the story behind that?
Not much of a story really. I saw it first by a Japanese wrestler and I really liked it so I adapted it as my own. 

How do you find the balance between your WWE and you free time?
For me, I try to separate those two worlds as much as possible. When I’m on the road with WWE nothing else matters and when I’m home I try to relax and keep my mind clear.

What is your best and worst moment so far in WWE?
Best: First WrestleMania (WM 29 in Miami) because you only get one first WrestleMania and that’s something no one can ever take away from you.

Worst: Losing to Heather Slater a few weeks ago; that was embarrassing.

You are the current ‘Money in the Bank’ winner, when do you plan to cash-in for a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?
Well, I tried at Night of Champions but that didn’t work out too well. But whenever I see an opportunity, I won’t hesitate to take advantage; and that could be any place, any time.

What are the perks of being ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’?
Most obvious one is that I can cash in for a title shot any time I want. I’ll keep that briefcase in my back pocket and I have until July to take advantage of it.

What does the future hold for Seth Rollins?
The future holds a championship title cash in and title reign. After that, the sky is the limit.

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